Wednesday, 31 October 2012

End of October - A Rant.

I would just like to take a moment out of my day to express my love for Jennifer Saunders.

Jennifer Saunders is amazing. She is hilarious, she is a comic genius, she's incredibly smart, she sings like a motherfucking boss, and she's off the charts, totally banging hot. Yes, you read that right. Jennifer: I would.

I am completely obsessed with this woman. I love watching her appearance on Top Gear, her funny bits with Dawn French (who is also very cool), not to mention AB FAB. "Sweetie, darling!" Love it. I wish she would give more interviews, but sadly she's quite shy, even though she fucking rocks. Her lap around the race track on Top Gear was so much win, I was like, fuck to the yes, she's faster than all those guys. Gordon Ramsay, SUCK IT.

I cannot wait to see Viva Forever, the Spice Girls musical, which Jennifer has written the script for. I mean, that HAS to be awesome. Hopefully Patrick will come up from Cornwall to go see it with me and Gabby.

Oh my god, we saw Margaret Cho this Sunday, and she is too cool for words. Her impressions of her mother are the best. Also, her facial expressions - priceless! I love how much of a fag hag she is. She also bared her ass to show us the tattoos on her butt cheeks. She then proceeded to shake her ass so it would look like her tattoos were talking to each other, or laughing, or whatever. It was hilarious. It's funny how she seems so loud and outspoken onstage, and then when you meet her after the show she's all quiet and sweet. Aw, she's so adorable. When she saw us standing around there waiting, she immediately walked up to us and was like "hi, thanks for coming!" and when I held my arm up and pointed at my bracelets and said "we were here last year as well, and we loved it so much we had to see you again. We're the ones with the bracelets", her response to this was "oh yeah! I still have mine!" and when I was like "oh wow, seriously? How cool" she was like "yeah, I totally still have mine!" Love her.

It is now reading week, so there are no lectures. I should have been studying, but instead I've spent my week so far hanging around with Gabby. Last night we went out with Patrick, though, as he was here for his graduation which was this morning. He's already on his way back to Cornwall, which is sad, as I wish he would have stayed a bit longer. At least we got to see him and have some fun while he was here!

Gabby, Lyndon and I are going to the British Museum tomorrow, which should be interesting. We also might pop into the Cartoon Museum, as apparently that is nearby. I haven't been to many museums in this city yet, so I'm looking forward it. I really need to visit more museums, like the Victoria and Albert one and the National Gallery. I've been to the National Portrait Gallery once, as well as the Tate Modern (which is full of ridiculous pieces of "art"), but that's about it.

I also miss going to the theatre. I went to see Les Miserables with my mum and sister, but that's all I've seen for the past few months, and there are so many shows I would like to see. I really hope I get my loan soon! The whole mess with my one failed module has just created a lot of obstacles for me, one being of the financial kind. At least my dad is there to save me, love him for that. I wouldn't have managed without him.

I really want to go see Louise Dearman as Elphaba. It will be strange, as I've already seen her as Glinda and that's who she is to me. I just don't think you can be both. I am intrigued to see Louise's take on this part, though.

Well, that's all for now. I shall now return to my piles of laundry. Hope you are all having a good week.

A Norwegian girl in London

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Music is love.

I love music. I love discovering new music, and I love listening to whole albums of wonderful artists, often over and over again. My most recent discovery is Priscilla Ahn, whose music is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the song "A Good Day (Morning Song)", which I think you should all listen to right now if you haven't done so already.

There are several other songs on her newest album, which is called "A Good Day", that are amazing, such as "Dream", "Wallflower" and "Red Cape". Go listen to her music, and be mesmerized.

Whilst watching Switched at Birth, which I LOVE, I also discovered Girl Named Toby. Her song "Holding a Heart" is absolute LOVE. Have a listen:

She only has an EP with five songs out so far, and I'm eagerly awaiting a full album from this wonderful new talent.

I have also fallen in love with Katie Herzig, also after hearing one of her songs on Switched at Birth. Don't you just love television? Anyway, this is the song "Free My Mind", quirky music video and all:

It's so wonderfully weird, and the song is so joyful, it makes me want to dance around in public and sing along!

Another song by Katie Herzig that I absolutely adore is "Lost and Found":

I'm also pretty obsessed with Erin McCarley's new album. Here is a video of her performing "Re-Arrange Again", which is one of my favourite tracks:

Amazing. She has such a unique sound; such a sweet voice. Both of her albums are fantastic, I highly recommend them!

A Norwegian Girl in London

Monday, 8 October 2012

Back on track.

Hello all you beautiful people!

Or beautiful person, depending on how many people are reading my blog. Which I realise may only be me, and I don't consider myself particularly beautiful, so maybe I should just say "hi, Ingelinn!" and leave it at that.

Anyway, I am back in Kingston. It has been a busy few weeks. I failed a module in my second year, and the exam board's original decision was to make me spend a whole year retaking just that one module. However, I decided to appeal on the grounds of having bipolar disorder, and I ended up winning said appeal. Therefore, I get to continue as a full-time third year student and at the same time retake the one module I failed. I feel like I have finally caught a break for once in my life. I'm used to being miserable and dragging my feet, but thanks to the medication I am on after being diagnosed as bipolar, I am now feeling much better. It feels like I have woken up from a six-year-long nightmare. I'm alive. I'm still not going to climb any mountains, at least not the tallest ones. Let's start with the smaller hills, shall we?

My mum and 14-year-old sister were here for a few days last week, from Sunday to Thursday. Most of their time here was spent shopping, as that is what my 14-year-old sister wanted to do (obviously). We did, however, squeeze in some time to go see a musical. My mother wanted to see Les Miserables, so we went and got discount tickets for Wednesday evening. It was my third time seeing it, but it's a good show so I didn't mind. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Sierra Boggess was playing the role of Fantine. Actually, I squealed with joy when I saw the programme. Yes, I am infinitely cool. She was amazing, as per usual, and so was the guy playing Jean Valjean. The girl playing Cosette was a bit irritating, but the girl playing Eponine, my favourite character, was really good. I didn't cry this time, which I guess is because I've already seen it twice. The first time I bawled my way through pretty much the whole show. The second time I just cried at certain parts. This time I just got a bit teary eyed at the ending, which gave me the opportunity to actually pay more attention to the performances. I picked up new things about the show that I didn't notice the other times I saw it.

On Wednesday afternoon my sister wanted to go to Forever 21, and I knew there was a massive shop in the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, so I took her there. My sister was in heaven, but my mum was more in hell than anything else. Towards the end of our visit she started getting pretty terrifying, because the music in there was so loud, and it was the kind of music you'll hear in nightclubs. It was extremely exhausting. I'm usually drunk when I go to places with music like that. Sober, it was NOT a pleasant experience. I rather enjoyed spending Tuesday in Notting Hill, though.

I'm getting very tired of the whole student loan situation I am in at the moment. Because student funding at home thinks I am a part-time repeat student, I cannot get a loan until they receive confirmation that I am, in fact, not. So now I am waiting for the university to give me such a letter so I can actually get funded, so I will be able to enroll and pay my tuition fee. I could proceed to go on an angry rant, but I'd probably realise that I'm not angry with anyone in particular, I'm just frustrated by how complicated things always are.

I'm doing a module called Special Study this year, and I've chosen the musical museum option, so tomorrow I am going on a tour of an actual musical museum, which I think is going to be cool. I am quite interested in the theatre organ, or rather, the "Mighty Wurlitzer." It was made to sound like a full orchestra played by only one person. However, I know they had these jukeboxes that they used as well. I think it's funny how they just let this machine play random music to accompany a silent film, because this would sometimes mean listening to a happy tune whilst watching a sad scene. Knowing how much the film score can influence a film today, and how important music is, it seems weird to just play music at random, but they didn't always have an actual pianist available to play, so the random jukebox seemed like the next best option at the time, I suppose. But it would have caused some interesting clashes with music and picture, which I would love to write an essay about.

I'm also doing some other interesting modules this semester, particularly A Change Is Gonna Come, which is a political module which puts music in context with politics. Very interesting stuff.

I am slowly, but surely, getting into a healthy sleeping pattern. My sleeping habits have been quite bad in the past few years, but I am now trying to change that. I try to be in bed by midnight, at the latest, and if I go out on weekends I try to get in before 2am. Any later than that, and the following day will be spent on what feels like trying to come back from the dead, because of the medication I have to take every night. There have been times when I have got home at 6 in the morning, and that has just been a complete disaster. At the time it seems reasonable, because I was "having fun," but honestly? It is not worth it.

So no, I will not go back to my messed up ways of life. I will try to stick on this path I am currently on, because it is enabling me to live life like a relatively normal person. One that gets out of bed BEFORE noon, and goes through the day WITHOUT taking a three-hour nap. I like that person a whole lot better than that slob who sometimes spent several days in bed without doing anything. I mean, that slob was suffering from depression, but she still felt very much like a slob. Being sick makes you feel like a slob, and that is a very bad feeling.

I will now go back to not being a slob. What? I only watched two episodes of Parenthood and three episodes of Up All Night. That's not that bad, right?

A Norwegian girl in London