Sunday, 18 November 2012


I'm watching The West Wing obsessively. Ever since the U.S. election, which is when I got the sudden urge to continue where I left off a long time ago. So I started watching season three about a week ago, and now I'm on episode eleven of season four. I love C.J., Allison Janney is just perfection, and every appearance of Stockard Channing is pure gold to me. The character of Margaret, Leo's assistant, continues to amuse me. She is a peculiar redhead, and I love everything about her. Martin Sheen is flawless as President Bartlet, and I love Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn and Richard Schiff as Toby Ziegler, the two speechwriters on the Bartlet team. I do also adore John Spencer (who sadly passed away only 58 years young in the middle of filming the seventh and final season) as Leo McGarry, and Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman. Actually, I love the whole cast of this brilliant series. I just love them all.

Gabby and I dedicated this weekend to Jennifer Saunders, because the woman is brilliant and amazing and we both want to marry her. Seriously. Here is one of the reasons why:

Isn't she just perfection? This parody is so funny, it's spot on and totally legitimate. Dear Madonna: this is what you get for not agreeing to appear on their show! Jennifer looks gorgeous in this as well.

We spent this weekend watching the new Comic Strip, which was "Five Go to Rehab" as well as a documentary about thirty years of The Comic Strip. Jennifer as Margaret Thatcher is completely hilarious, and the new episode was brilliant as well. LOVE the Famous Five.

We also watched Let Them Eat Cake, as well as two Absolutely Fabulous specials - "Absolutely Fabulous: A Life", and "Gay" which has Whoopi Goldberg in it. I love Ab Fab, Jennifer and Joanna are so great together, and Jennifer's writing is comedy gold.

The Comic Strip and Let Them Eat Cake also star Dawn French, who is another very funny lady. I love French and Saunders, because in a way they remind me of myself and Gabby. There's this card titled "The Friends" which describes us so well:

It's like we share this secret connection that is invisible to everyone else, and it seems like Jennifer and Dawn do as well. There was a blooper in "The Making of "Five Go to Rehab"" where Jennifer is reading something on a piece of paper out loud, and for whatever reason she finds the piece of paper hilarious, so she starts cracking up, and as soon as she looks up and Dawn sees her face, Dawn loses it as well. She has to look away because she cannot look at Jennifer without laughing. The two guys in the scene with them are completely clueless as to what the two women are laughing at. This is the genius of French and Saunders; it's like they share a brain sometimes. That is how stuff like THIS can happen:

"I enjoy the thinking up of it... thinking of it up."
"Thinking... no. It up thinking of."
"That. I enjoy the thinking of up it."

THAT. That is how they work so well together, because they quite simply have arrows in between their heads, as illustrated on the card. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you FRENCH AND SAUNDERS: thinking of up it since 1987! May they continue the it up thinking of for many years to come.

Their male co-star in Let Them Eat Cake shouts the following at them in one of the episodes, after they have been babbling on for much time:


and I am CERTAIN that many people have wanted to shout the very same thing at me and Gabby. The thing is, though, that we are too cool to care, and so are Jennifer and Dawn. They will continue to do their thing, and haters are gonna hate, but so what? It's not about the haters, it's about the lovers. Yes, that sounds a little bit wrong, but I mean, I wanna be Jennifer's lover. I'm sorry, what? I digress.

I love it when these two get married in the "Gay" special. They were practically already married anyway, but it's just so funny to actually watch them say those vows to each other, in front of Whoopi Goldberg. AB FAB FOREVER.

This picture makes me so happy.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!

A Norwegian girl in London

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Packing, packing, packing.

I cannot believe I'm going to Gran Canaria in just a few hours, and I've only just started packing. It's already after midnight. Epic fail. At least I've checked into both my flights online and printed off my tickets, so that's all done, but I always get so frazzled when I have to pack, and I keep putting it off until the very last minute. I just feel like I need to remember a hundred-and-one things, and even if I write a list (which I always do, otherwise my packing would be complete and utter chaos) I still feel like my brain is a mess of things and that some things get lost in the shuffle.

I'm quite annoyed at myself because I forgot to wash my big Wicked towel, which I need for trips to the beach. I shall have to do it in the early morning before leaving for the airport.

Currently very discouraged by the state my room is in at the moment. I've just taken a break from the packing to write this blog entry (priorities, people!), and my room is a complete mess. I've also realised that I need to finish watching the documentary Jennifer Saunders did about ballet, which I started viewing on YouTube last night.

Speaking of the cuteness that is Jennifer, here is a reminder of just how cute she is:

And Joanna Lumley! They both look gorgeous in this picture. I really love Joanna as well, she is a remarkably beautiful human being, inside and out. We should all aspire to be more like her.

I'm bringing quite a lot of reading material with me on holiday. Since I haven't done much of anything this week, I plan on doing much reading out in the sun in the next few days. Might do some on the plane as well. Having an inner debate about whether I need to bring my laptop or not. I'd like to do my work on it, but if I'm honest with myself I'm probably not going to start doing any serious writing while I'm there, so what's the point? I'll start writing my Music in Context essay when I get back. Yes, I'll definitely start then. Totally. (You're all very convinced now, aren't you?)

Seriously, though, I do need to start my writing soon. Maybe I'll just motivate myself by saying things like, "if you make good progress on your work, you can reward yourself by seeing a show!", because that makes it sound so much better. I think I'll do that. I plan on seeing Wicked again, with Louise Dearman as Elphaba, and I wanna see Matilda because Tim Minchin is hilarious, and then of course Viva Forever, I can barely contain my excitement about that musical! The next few weeks shall be amazing, full of productive library sessions and fun times! YAY LIFE. (Yes, this is totally me writing this overly enthusiastic paragraph.) Might schedule some ACTUAL museum trips as well. There's so much to see!

I really dread the day that's coming up, I hate traveling. Lugging your bags around, especially in the underground, just flat out sucks. It's so tiring. As soon as I am on the plane, everything is fine, but to actually get there is usually a nightmare. And this time I have to go all the way to Stansted, which is in the middle of fucking nowhere, and I have to change trains/tube three times in order to get there. It's not even IN London, it's a bollocks airport!

On second thought, I'd like to bring my laptop so I can charge my iPod and listen to music, as well as watch stuff during the 4-hour long flight. I'm trying to get my sister to bring the iPod charger, which is home in Norway, but I don't know if she'll remember to do it and I really don't want to end up without music because my iPod has run out of battery. Decisions, decisions.

Waaah, it's 1:30! Crap crap crap. Ugh, happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! *imagines dancing hippies like the ones Edina Monsoon keeps seeing* Okay, I'm calm.


That is all.

A Norwegian girl in London

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A new month & crushing tiredness

Have you ever been so tired that you can't actually open your eyes long enough to write a two-sentence text? Because today, that was my reality. I forgot to take my quetiapine last night, and only remembered at 2am. As a consequence, I was dead tired this morning. I barely managed to send Gabby a text saying that she should just go to central without me, and it took me several minutes to send this text because my eyes kept closing shut against my will. There was no way I was going on a museum trip.

Instead, I slept until 3pm, and then did some more laundry. Then I watched the three most recent Ab Fab episodes, which I really enjoyed, especially the one where Saffy brings home her friend from prison and she turns out to be Patsy's drug dealer. Hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, the Mamma Mia parody for Red Nose Day in 2009! I cannot stop laughing, it's so amazing.

"Chicken tikka, tell me what's wroooong?"

I love how it's "Jennifer Saunders is... Meryl Streep", "Dawn French is... Julie Walters", and "Joanna Lumley is... Patsy" - hahaha. Joanna's dancing in "Does Your Mother Know?" is brilliant, as is her singing.

"The sheer acting of Meryl Streep!"

Jennifer is so gorgeous in this! She really looks the part, and her singing is amazing. Is there anything this woman can't do?

Philip Glenister's mumbling of the final song has me in stitches, especially when they all start joining in. So frickin' funny.

But seriously. I love Jennifer.

How cute is she?! She's so pretty. Here are some extra adorable pictures of her and Dawn:


Aren't they super cute? Best comedy duo of all times. Legendary people are legendary.

And just because she is too cute, here is another picture:

I'm gonna put the laptop away and do some serious reading now, because it's reading week, and so far no reading has been done on my part. Sad times.

Hope you are all doing well!

A Norwegian girl in London