Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tiredness and angry rants

I am so tired. SO TIRED. I am not there at all today. Earlier I put the oven on and then forgot about it for an hour and a half. I feel out of sync with the world. All I've been doing for the past two days is re-watch Caroline in the City in a desperate attempt to cheer myself up. Richard is wonderfully sarcastic, Annie kills me, and Caroline is absolutely adorable. Lea Thompson is beyond gorgeous.

SO TIRED. Need to sleep. My sleeping pattern is complete whack at the moment, because I've experienced a tiny crack of insomnia lately. And then, when I finally fall asleep, it's like I fall into a coma. Isn't that great?

I don't think it's a good idea for me to watch Dancing With the Stars, actually. It really gets to me, and it's making me slightly insane. It's bad. I probably love Lea Thompson to an unhealthy extent, but fuck that, she is the cutest person of ever and I just hate to see her so beaten down. She started off really enjoying herself and having fun with it, and then the stakes were raised and she drowned in all the pressure she put on herself. I feel like she really wants to prove to herself that she can dance, and I can see how important it is to her, but it doesn't look like she's having fun with it anymore. She looked a bit happier this week, maybe she's starting to let herself because she's realising it's all coming to an end at this point, but she's not where I think she deserves to be.

To me it looks like the judges have it in for her. They are being unnecessarily harsh on her, and in the past couple of episodes they have said and done a few things that actually really pissed me off. Carrie Ann, for example, decided to compare Bethany to Lea by pointing out what Lea did wrong in order to tell Bethany that she was doing it right. What was the point of that dig? There is no need to put another person down in order to give someone a compliment. Only assholes do that.

And then there was Alfonso with his crappy reasoning behind choosing Lea for his dance-off. His reason was that Lea USED to be above him on the leader board? He said something ridiculous along the lines of, "I want to prove that I can get above her again." Um, excuse me, but this week you had already scored 38 points, whereas Lea's score was 32. You didn't even NEED those three extra points from the judges to get above her on the leader board, and besides you were above her LAST WEEK as well, you twat. Honestly, that was a weak move from Alfonso, and I was incredibly disappointed. He should have challenged Sadie instead, but he was too chicken-shit to do so. He KNEW the judges would choose him over Lea, because he is their favourite and Lea clearly isn't. The judges are displaying blatant favouritism and it really gets my tits in a twist. The only judge I still like at this point is Bruno, because he is so camp and hilarious. The rest of them can go back to their troll caves.

Honestly, Lea is much too good for this lousy competition, but she is way too modest to realise it. It is hard to watch her grapple with self-esteem issues when she is this amazing human being who always puts her heart out in the open. This is what I hate about these competition shows: they knock people down, and it's always the ones who least deserve it. I know it is meant to be entertainment, but that's exactly why I hate it: it is mindless dribble disguised as a serious competition. To the contestants, it's real. To some of the viewers, it actually matters, because they love singing or dancing or actually CARE about talent. However, most people don't, because most people are idiots. Most people buy into it, or get struck by the bollocks bat, and they think what they are watching is legitimate. But it really isn't. Most of the time it's just rotten piss.

I will continue to watch the show, because my love for Lea knows no boundaries, but once she's out, I'M out. Alfonso is an arrogant bastard and I am not going to sit back and watch him take home the trophy. Maybe I'll return for the finals, IF he isn't in it. But he will be.

Yikes, I really needed to get that rant out of my system.

Peace out,
A Norwegian Girl in London